Sometimes it's better to stop and ask for directions.


How does Pheedbac work?

We connect you with the right mentor at the right time

We  find your match

We choose your pheedbac mentor based on your specific goals and background to help you get to the next step more efficiently.

Answer a few simple questions about where you’ve been and where you want to be professionally.

Tell us a little about yourself 

Then we connect you 

We will schedule your call.  All you have to do is pick up the phone. 

Who's using Pheedbac?

Anyone who needs guidance and advice on how to get ahead from someone who’s been in their shoes

"I was a software developer for 8 years. Day one into my job for a defense contractor, I knew it wasn’t a fit for me. I took advice from someone that told me to stick it out for at least 2 years before changing jobs. I went on a bunch of interviews after those 2 years, trying to get into a sales engineer role, but it was really hard for me. It took 6 years of trial and error before I got there.  Finally, I found the RIGHT  mentor to help guide me and I got hired."

"As a school teacher, I always had a passion for photography. After starting a family, I found the daily grind exhausting, but I still needed to have an income. I dove into photography and struggled for a while to find my niche in a competitive market. Getting advice and guidance was challenging since most of the photographers I knew in my circle had extremely different career paths than me, and Pheedbac has been life changing!"

"Being in the military is much different than civilian life. I was nervous to make the transition and, hoped to find a job in cyber security. The military had some services that I was able to utilize, but Pheedbac has put me in contact with professionals in the industry that accelerated my focus, dialed in my search, and gave me the confidence to understand “what” I was looking for, and “how” to get there most efficiently. Hooah!"

Preetam, P.

New York, NY

Wayne, NJ

Alyssa M.

Baltimore, MD

Craig R.

When it's time to make your next move, who do you turn to for advice?

With pheedbac,  simply answer a couple questions and then let us find you someone who can help guide your career.

Get Started

Why use Pheedbac?

We connect you with real people for real advice so that you can get where you’re going… faster. 

Our list of mentors includes people who understand where you are and where you're going. Within minutes, we begin the process of matching you with someone that understands your climb. 

Pheedbac is a life hack that helps you unlock your potential.  Get advice, ask questions, and grow your career! 

Become a Pheedbac Advisor
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